23 Years of the Summer Art Auction 2018

Come join us here at Oriel Q Narberth on Sunday 29th July at 2pm for our annual Art Auction (more info below on its 23 year history!). Opened on Saturday 23rd June, the Show has attracted much praise for the high standard of work, and offers a fantastic opportunity to purchase art at very affordable prices -  If you cannot make it, click HERE for an illustrated digital catalogue.

Sealed bids may be left in person and now via email! HERE is the digital sealed bid form; please fill in and email back to us on info@orielqnarberth.com or alternatively, pop in to the gallery where we will gladly assist you. 

Click HERE for the Summer Open Exhibition & Auction illustrated catalogue; HERE for the online Sealed Bid form - please email back to us on the address above.

A 23 Year History...

This is the annual fundraiser for the Friends of the gallery which was started 23 years ago, originally to help the Queens Hall out of debt after a dispute with the ombudsman and building contractors that had rebuilt the hall. The following year an auction of art was seen as a good way to raise money to help develop the Gallery and in 1996 The Friends of the Gallery was set up to do this. Since then, over 80 thousand pounds has been raised and the gallery has been improved every year, with the addition of new flooring, lighting and hanging system making it the excellent space it now is with contemporary exhibitions held in three areas.

In 2003 Oriel Q was made a revenue client by Arts Council of Wales which allowed a manager/curator to be employed. This lasted for three years before a major restructuring within The Arts Council meant the gallery had to apply for lottery funding to carry on producing an annual programme of exhibitions. The grant has to be applied for every year and without the fundraising activities of the Friends the gallery could not survive. There are few spaces in West Wales that can exhibit contemporary art without relying on commercial sales, so Oriel Q is seen by artists and the discerning public as an important venue in this rural area. The gallery is well supported and cherished for this and artists are very generous by contributing to this annual fundraiser by pricing their work lower than they usually sell for.  This  also enables people to buy collectable art within their price range  and has become a welcome event in the collectors calendar.

You can view the exhibition Wednesday to Saturday 10am -5pm up until Sunday 29th July 2018 - well worth a visit

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