Summer Open Exhibition & Auction 2018


Summer Open Exhibition & Auction 2018

23 Years of the Summer Art Auction 2018

Come join us here at Oriel Q Narberth on Sunday 29th July at 2pm for our annual Art Auction (more info below on its 23 year history!). Opened on Saturday 23rd June, the Show has attracted much praise for the high standard of work, and offers a fantastic opportunity to purchase art at very affordable prices -  If you cannot make it, click HERE for an illustrated digital catalogue.

Sealed bids may be left in person and now via email! HERE is the digital sealed bid form; please fill in and email back to us on or alternatively, pop in to the gallery where we will gladly assist you. 

Click HERE for the Summer Open Exhibition & Auction illustrated catalogue; HERE for the online Sealed Bid form - please email back to us on the address above.

A 23 Year History...

This is the annual fundraiser for the Friends of the gallery which was started 23 years ago, originally to help the Queens Hall out of debt after a dispute with the ombudsman and building contractors that had rebuilt the hall. The following year an auction of art was seen as a good way to raise money to help develop the Gallery and in 1996 The Friends of the Gallery was set up to do this. Since then, over 80 thousand pounds has been raised and the gallery has been improved every year, with the addition of new flooring, lighting and hanging system making it the excellent space it now is with contemporary exhibitions held in three areas.

In 2003 Oriel Q was made a revenue client by Arts Council of Wales which allowed a manager/curator to be employed. This lasted for three years before a major restructuring within The Arts Council meant the gallery had to apply for lottery funding to carry on producing an annual programme of exhibitions. The grant has to be applied for every year and without the fundraising activities of the Friends the gallery could not survive. There are few spaces in West Wales that can exhibit contemporary art without relying on commercial sales, so Oriel Q is seen by artists and the discerning public as an important venue in this rural area. The gallery is well supported and cherished for this and artists are very generous by contributing to this annual fundraiser by pricing their work lower than they usually sell for.  This  also enables people to buy collectable art within their price range  and has become a welcome event in the collectors calendar.

You can view the exhibition Wednesday to Saturday 10am -5pm up until Sunday 29th July 2018 - well worth a visit


Open Call: Summer Open Exhibition & Auction 2018

Open Call: Summer Open Exhibition & Auction 2018

The Annual Summer Open & Auction 2018

Submission Dates: Monday 18 June & Tuesday 19 June 2018

Exhibition opens: Saturday 23 June 2018 at 2pm

Auction date: Sunday 29 July 2018 at 2pm

Our annual fundraiser is again nearly upon us...

Oriel Q would like to invite all artists to submit work to the Summer Open Exhibition & Auction 2018. We are able to accept up to 3 works per person. The work can be any media and content and can even come from your own art collection.

Please note; The exhibition ends in an auction of all work with 50% of sales going to the Friends of Oriel Q as the main fundraiser to pay the rent for the gallery space.

Artist’s will be able to place a reserve on each piece but, the gallery asks that prices are realistic and generous. However, if an artist wants to donate the whole selling price of each work, the gallery would be delighted!

Entry forms are available from the gallery and below. These forms must be sent as soon as possible to accompanied with an image a jpeg/png image at least 600px wide. This image/s will be used on our website and social media

Please note that all 2D work must be mirror-plated and in a suitable frame. Clip-frames are not accepted and the work is shown at the discretion of the gallery manager/curator. Please label all work clearly.

For more information, please call 01834 869454 or email on

Fun, Informative & Creative! A printmaking workshop with Polly Dixon

Polly Dixon delivered a day of monoprint and acrylic drypoint etching fun at Oriel Q on Saturday 14th April 2018. Polly showed two jam-packed classes how to utilise household objects such as a rolling pin or a pasta maker to create quick, easy and effective prints to take home.

Rhoddodd Polly Dixon ddiwrnod o hwyl ysgythriad monoprint ac ysgythriad sych acrylig yn Oriel Q ddydd Sadwrn, 14 Ebrill 2018. Dangosodd Polly ddau ddosbarth pacio jam sut i ddefnyddio gwrthrychau cartref fel rholio neu gwneuthurwr pasta i greu printiau cyflym, hawdd ac effeithiol i fynd adref.

We receive wonderful feedback for all who attended;

Rydym yn derbyn adborth gwych i bawb a fynychodd;

"Great workshop + way to spend Saturday afternoon. Relaxed environment + friendly tutor. Encouraging instruction + lots of new techniques with household equipment to use"
"Very pleasant afternoon. Great to leave with a finished piece"
"Wonderful course, amazing how much we packed in to 2 hours"

"Fantastic time. Very informative. Loved it"

"Great workshop – thank you"


Keep an eye out for our new workshop programme for 2018 as it happens HERE

We have an excellent Talk programme too which will complement the Main Exhibition programme.

To be added to our email newsletter list, let us know!

Cadwch olwg am ein rhaglen weithdy newydd ar gyfer 2018 fel y mae'n digwydd YMA

Mae gennym raglen Sgwrs ardderchog hefyd a fydd yn ategu'r rhaglen Prif Arddangosfa.

I'w ychwanegu at ein rhestr newyddion e-bost, rhowch wybod i ni! info@orielq


Q+A: Mark Haddon & Lynne Crompton

Q+A: Mark Haddon & Lynne Crompton

LC. Where and when did you study art?

MH.      In the late 80’s I went to Camberwell College of Art, then Edinburgh College of Art, Maryland Institute College of Art, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. I finally graduated with an MA in 1992 and then later went back to study electronic imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.


LC.             How did your practice develop?

MH.            This isn’t something I’ve ever thought about - probably because it’s hard to see one’s own practice in objective terms. I suppose there were three main blocks of development. First the years immediately after studying when I tried to live as an artist and discovering how making art was and wasn’t practically and emotionally sustainable. 

Then falling almost accidentally into digital design and long years of irregular income, children, home – but very little art-practice development.

And latterly the current phase in which I’ve returned to making art but am also trying to maintain an income from design work. While there is a balance between making art and making a living that I have never resolved, I have learnt that while a job contracts art-making time, it also frees one from the need to have to make a living from the art. And I suppose this, if anything, is a characteristic of any practice development: a desire for a freedom of practice, unhindered by any compunction to justify what it is I make. Of course one only desires what one doesn’t have, so immediately an unresolved tension in my practice is exposed – that I both desire to be free to respond immediately as an artist and simultaneously I also want what I make to be in some way to be ‘art-like’, to be anchored.

LC.             Is concept /the idea the starting point and how do you explore your ideas? Writing, drawing?

MH.            No, concepts are not a starting point, there isn’t really a starting point - things come out of each other… there’s a natural evolution of made things and while these may seem very different there’s an internal thread. Maintaining this continuum is the difficulty, particularly when there are so many other demands to meet.
I do of course spend a lot of time thinking and ideas/concepts are a part of the practice but not in a direct way. Rather there is a cross-over or inter-play between research and practice but neither should ever restrict the other.


LC.             Is the venue/space a starting point for the development of the work?

MH.            The difficulty of showing in a space that is already heavily imbued with history, aesthetic or some kind of story is that the artwork has to respond to this. It becomes in some way subservient to the space. While an artwork must respond to a space – must work within that space – the gallery space itself needs to be in some way neutral.

Having said that I am interested in the idea of poetic space or transformative space. I do believe there are spaces, perhaps particular to the individual that are conducive to a certain openness, or opening. Places where one comes across the gossamer thin barrier between one reality and another.

LC.             Where do you look for inspiration? Poetry, history, politics?

MH.            It’s easier to say that I don’t go looking for inspiration, sometimes I come across it. It’s a rare thing.

LC.             Is painting, sculpture, drawing important in your practice?

MH.            All of the above and singing, reading, walking and stocking the fridge, etc
LC.             Craft, making ink, carving wood, sensitive drawings are evident in this exhibition, do you feel this skill is important in creating an installation.

MH.            While I am keen to explore a greater freedom in my practice there is, in equal measure, a need to be anchored to the actual practicality of making things. It’s not particularly a skill necessary in creating an installation however, it’s just an aspect of my own practice.

LC.             Do you think you need to explain the reasons behind your work or would you prefer the public to come to their own conclusions?

MH.            People should always come to their own conclusions shouldn’t they? I’m not interested in manipulating what people should or shouldn’t think. There’s far too much of this kind of thing around at the moment as it is.

LC.             How do you justify the criticism of 'I don't understand this"?

MH.            I’m not seeking that my work should be universally understood.  I am not seeking to teach or explain anything, I’m not trying to demonstrate a skill or craft and I’m not trying to influence anyone. I make first for myself. It has to be that way - making art simply isn’t authentic or sustainable if it isn’t firstly an entirely personal practice.

In the event of showing of course I’d hope that the work communicated something to visitors but in reality if one or two people find something in it, that’s perhaps all one can hope for.

I realise this artwork can come across as difficult, tangential and oblique but I don’t believe as an artist its part of my job to be saying, ‘I need to make this thing easier to understand’. Apart from anything else, it’s hardly a feasible proposition, when I barely understand it myself.

LC.             Does an artist have a duty to engage the public?

MH.            Not really – the gallerist or curator does.

That said I recognise that when other people see what I’ve made, I see what I’ve made entirely differently. In some way an artwork only comes truly itself when its shown publicly as it comes away from the artist’s ownership. This is a difficult area – there is no ‘duty’ to engage, its rather that I sometimes would like what I’ve made to exist, even for a short while independently from me and this can happen when the work is shown in an exhibition environment.

LC.             How can artists make a living if their work is mainly conceptual?

MH.            Apart from a few ‘successful’ artists they can’t on the whole - that’s why I work full time at Visit Scotland as the design manager. It will not be a surprise to anyone that the path to success has eluded me and in fact remains a complete mystery.

LC.             Is the satisfaction of creating a piece from an idea to the finished piece enough to fulfil you?

MH.            In a way, the things one make don’t finish - or they don’t resolve. If they did, what reason would one have to continue to make another. Its more that there is a continuum to the process, one things leads to the next and out of this process partially formed things are kept or presented. The partially formed things that I keep or show are those things I recognise and yes, sometimes with a few isolated elements, I think there is, after a while some sense of satisfaction.

LC.             How did you find the experience of working at Oriel Q and were you satisfied with the response?

MH.            It was great - I met a few people and enjoyed the chat a great deal. Oriel Q is rare and wonderful thing and should be treasured.

To view more images of Mark Haddon's show here at Oriel Q, click HERE

Malcolm De Chazal; Polly Dixon Opening

Malcolm De Chazal; Polly Dixon Opening

Friday 9th March 2018 saw the Opening of both the Malcolm De Chazal exhibition and the Polly Dixon exhibition here at Oriel Q - What a turnout! With thanks to David Street for taking these wonderful photos of the evening.

open eve 13.png

Malcolm De Chazal was born in Mauritius in 1902 and was mainly known as a writer and a poet, his most notable books being Sens Plastique and Sens Magique.  This superb exhibition of the original gouache paintings from the Armstrong Collection of Malcolm De Chazal is entitled 'A Lost Fauve'. It has been said Chazal has similarities between van Gogh, Matisse or Derain, but ultimately, he is unlike any other artist, following in the tradition of Derain and Matisse yet carving out his own perfect style.

open eve 14.png
eve and the exhibition.png
open eve 3.png

Carmarthenshire artist Polly Dixon is exhibiting a series of original handmade detailed etchings and large woodcuts inspired by Renaissance portraiture, in her exhibition titled 'Maidens, Myths & Martyrs: A History of Disbelief'

polly 2.png

Polly Dixon graduated from Carmarthen School of Art in 2017, reinterprets well known and lesser known works of art to represent modern, dysfunctional, family relationships.

She explains: “I am fascinated by historic paintings and the lives of the people which they portray. Family relationships haven’t changed over the centuries despite massive changes in other aspects of our lives. There has always been secrets, deceit and  betrayal and I try to explore this by imagining what may have been going on in the lives of these historic subjects and adding my own personal experiences and humour.”  

polly 3.png
polly 1.png

Both exhibitions will be showing until April 21st 2018 at Oriel Q. The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday, 10am until 5pm each week until then.


Keep an eye out HERE for news on our upcoming works with Polly Dixon and Chazal-inspired childrens workshop too.

Oriel Q has temporarily closed due to the snow

UPDATE: We apologise for the inconvenience but Oriel Q will have to close today (Saturday 3rd March) due to the snowfall. The Mark Haddon talk scheduled for today has also had to be cancelled.

Oriel Q will be open as usual Friday 9th at 6pm for the Opening of the Malcolm De Chazal exhibition and the Polly Dixon exhibition - an absolute treat! Both exhibitions will run from March 10th to April 21st 2018, Wednesday to Saturday each week. Please look out for our talks and workshops HERE 


For more information on this exhibition, click HERE


For more information on this exhibition, please click HERE

exquisite workshop with Polly Verity

Polly Verity delivered an absolutely exquisite workshop here at Oriel Q Narberth on Saturday 17th February 2018. The day saw 2 jam-packed sessions where makers learned about various Paperfold techniques from across the globe.

Cyflwynodd Polly Verity weithdy hollol wych yma yn Oriel Q Narberth ddydd Sadwrn 17 Chwefror 2018. Gwelodd y diwrnod 2 sesiwn pacio jam lle gwnaeth y gwneuthurwyr ddysgu am wahanol dechnegau Papur-bapur ar draws y byd.

edited 1.jpg
edited 2.jpg

We received some wonderful feedback from the workshop attendees;

Cawsom adborth gwych gan y rhai sy'n bresennol yn y gweithdai;


'Good size group & very informative... Well led by Polly she is very inspiring'

'Loved it! unable to think about anything else, so very relaxing. great to play and learn.'

'Wonderful workshop - relaxing, inspiring and amazing'


‘Definitely inspiring, techniques I will use in the future’

‘I really enjoyed discovering the world of paperfolding, which I never knew existed’

‘Very interesting unbelievable what can be done with paper which can then be translated into other mediums’


Keep an eye out for our new workshop programme for 2018 as it happens HERE

We have an excellent Talk programme too which will complement the Main Exhibition programme.

To be added to our email newsletter list, let us know!

Cadwch olwg am ein rhaglen weithdy newydd ar gyfer 2018 fel y mae'n digwydd YMA

Mae gennym raglen Sgwrs ardderchog hefyd a fydd yn ategu'r rhaglen Prif Arddangosfa.

I'w ychwanegu at ein rhestr newyddion e-bost, rhowch wybod i ni!


Coming up: In Conversation with Mark Haddon

Coming up: In Conversation with Mark Haddon

MARCH 3rd 2018 will see Mark Haddon will be in conversation with Lynne Crompton on March 3rd 2018 at 2pm, on the last day of his show Cithaeron, here with us at Oriel Q. A great opportunity for an insight in to a contemporary artist's mind. Below are just a handful of images which show the depth of Marks work (photo credit: David Street)

image 3.png

The work of Mark Haddon explores the potency of imagined spaces when relocated in the real world. Cithaeron, the imagined location which is the focus of this exhibition, is a representation of such a place being both an actual mountain and simultaneously the wooded mountain side on which many of the Theban myths are enacted.

The process of making for Mark can also be seen as a journey. This durational process in fact forms the essential structural approach to the artwork. It is a means by ...which incidental elements can be brought into and inform the work as it evolves.

Mark is an artist and designer who lives and works in Edinburgh. His art practice has its roots in installation but it isn’t limited to any particular approach. At its most basic, making art is a mechanism by which he can rail against the mental and physical boundaries that seem increasingly to encroach. Research is an important aspect to his practice, but it runs in a parallel vein to artwork: it informs the practice but doesn’t inhibit what he makes. Rather there is an open-ended approach to both making and research: they connect and then go in separate directions and then connect again.

image 15.png

MAWRTH 3ydd 2018 yn gweld Mark Haddon yn sgwrsio â Lynne Crompton ar Fawrth 3ydd 2018 am 2pm, ar ddiwrnod olaf ei sioe Cithaeron, yma gyda ni yn Oriel Q. Cyfle gwych i gael syniad i feddwl artist cyfoes. Isod ceir llond llaw o ddelweddau sy'n dangos dyfnder gwaith Marks (credyd ffotograff: David Street)

image 2.png

Bydd Mark Haddon yn sgwrsio â Lynne Crompton ar Fawrth 3ydd 2018 am 2pm, ar ddiwrnod olaf ei sioe Cithaeron, yma gyda ni yn Oriel Q. Cyfle gwych i gael syniad o feddylunydd cyfoes.

Mae gwaith Mark Haddon yn archwilio potensial lleoedd wedi'u dychmygu wrth eu hadleoli yn y byd go iawn. Mae Cithaeron, y lleoliad dychmygol sy'n ffocws yr arddangosfa hon, yn gynrychiolaeth o le o'r fath yn fynydd gwirioneddol ac ar yr un pryd ochr y mynyddoedd coediog lle mae llawer o fywydau Theban yn cael eu deddfu.

Gellir gweld y broses o wneud Mark Haddon hefyd yn siwrnai. Mae'r broses derfynol hon mewn gwirionedd yn ffurfio'r ymagwedd strwythurol hanfodol i'r gwaith celf. Mae'n fodd i ... pa elfennau achlysurol y gellir eu dwyn i mewn ac yn hysbysu'r gwaith wrth iddi ddatblygu.

Mae Mark Haddon yn artist a dylunydd sy'n byw ac yn gweithio yng Nghaeredin. Mae ei arfer celf wedi ei wreiddiau i'w gosod ond nid yw'n gyfyngedig i unrhyw ddull penodol. Yn ei sylfaenol, mae gwneud celf yn fecanwaith y gall ei rheilffyrdd yn erbyn y ffiniau meddyliol a chorfforol sy'n ymddangos yn gynyddol ymladd.

Mae ymchwil yn agwedd bwysig i'w ymarfer, ond mae'n rhedeg mewn gwythiennau cyfochrog i waith celf: mae'n hysbysu'r arfer ond nid yw'n rhwystro'r hyn y mae'n ei wneud. Yn hytrach, mae dull penagored tuag at wneud ac ymchwil: maent yn cysylltu ac yna'n mynd i gyfeiriadau ar wahân ac yna'n cysylltu eto.

image 20.png

Coming up: The paperfold technique with polly verity

Coming up: The paperfold technique with polly verity

Saturday 17th February 2018

As in the ancient tradition of origami, the sculptures Polly Verity makes are each created by folding a single sheet of paper and there are no cuts. Polly creates three-dimensional geometric repeat patterns in paper. Light hits the surface of these low-relief white paper sculptures and strikingly throws up their form.

Come join Polly here at Oriel Q for a short demonstration and workshop on her intricate and visually stunning Paperfold Technique.

Choose between the morning session (11am-1pm) or the afternoon session (2pm-4pm) at £10 per head. Please contact us at Oriel Q on 01834 869454 or to book prior as places will be snapped up fast.

Dydd Sadwrn 17eg Chwefror 2018

Fel yn y traddodiad hynafol o origami, mae'r cerfluniau Polly Verity yn creu pob un trwy blygu dalen sengl o bapur ac nid oes toriadau. Mae Polly yn creu patrymau ailadroddus geometrig tri dimensiwn mewn papur. Mae golau yn cyrraedd wyneb y cerfluniau papur gwyn rhyddhad isel hyn ac yn taflu eu ffurf yn drawiadol.

Dewch i ymuno â Polly yma yn Oriel Q am arddangosiad byr a gweithdy ar ei Thechneg Papur Craff gyffrous a gweledol.

Dewiswch rhwng sesiwn y bore (11 am-1pm) neu sesiwn y prynhawn (2 pm-4pm) am £ 10 y pen. Cysylltwch â ni yn Oriel Q ar 01834 869454 neu i archebu ymlaen llaw gan y bydd llefydd yn cael eu rhwystro'n gyflym.

A Wonderful workshop with Maddy Francis

Saturday 13 January saw a lovely Paper Workshop run by Maddy Francis here at Oriel Q. Below are a few pictures... 

Ar ddydd Sadwrn 13 o Ionawr, gwelwyd Gweithdy Papur hyfryd a redeg gan Maddy Francis yma yn Oriel Q. Isod mae ychydig o luniau ...

 Some youngsters enjoy crafting with mum

Some youngsters enjoy crafting with mum

 Some of the attendees from the afternoon session

Some of the attendees from the afternoon session

 More youngsters enjoying crafting with their parents

More youngsters enjoying crafting with their parents

This is the first workshop from our new programme, with lots of new workshops planned for 2018 - keep your eye on the website for more information as it comes in!

Dyma'r gweithdy cyntaf o'n rhaglen newydd, gyda llawer o weithdai newydd wedi'u cynllunio ar gyfer 2018 - cadwch lygad ar y wefan i gael mwy o wybodaeth fel y daw i mewn!

A new workshop for January at Oriel Q

A new workshop for January at Oriel Q

Join in and celebrate Welsh St Valentines day with a variety of paper crafts with the wonderful Maddy Francis.

£2 per child, £4 per adult - materials provided.

Suitable for all ages, please book as these places will fill up fast. 

Junior Session (5yrs - 12yrs) 11am til 1pm

12+ Session 2pm til 4pm


Narberth Whittling Association will also be here between 11am & 4pm to give demonstrations and advice to any budding Whittlers-to-be! Why not pop in any time on the day to have a go at whittling for yourself?

Our new Programme for 2018

Our new Programme for 2018

Great News! our Funding bid to the Arts Council of Wales has been accepted and we are very excited to announce our new exhibition programme for 2018.

Below is an overview of the exhibitions we have planned here at Oriel Q over the next 12 months, please look out for more info on each exhibition via email (please email to subscribe), here on our website and via our Facebook Page HERE.

Exhibitions at Oriel Q page 1.jpg

We are planning a supper evening soon, dates to be confirmed plus regular 'Art Appreciation Evenings' with the first one being a slideshow and talk by Dr Robert Davies on 'Artists influenced by light in Pembrokeshire Landscape, from Turner to Jon Houser' on Thursday 8 February at 7pm. This will be £4 with a glass of wine or juice/tea/coffee and informal discussion.

More workshops are promised for 2018 - Saturday 13 January will see Paper Crafts with Madeline Francis exploring Dydd Santes Dwynwen (Welsh Valentines day) Please click HERE for more information.

'Spinners, Weavers and Dyers' are on the list plus The Narberth Whittling Association (NWA) will be making a return. So much going on!

Suggestions or requests always gratefully received however, so if you have particular 'thing' you fancy doing at Oriel Q, let us know and we will try to arrange it.

Lastly, Best wishes for 2018 from Lynne, Lara and the Friends of Oriel Q Committee, and here's to 2018!

Newyddion Mawr! derbyniwyd ein cais ariannu i Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru ac rydym yn hynod gyffrous i gyhoeddi ein rhaglen arddangos newydd ar gyfer 2018.

Isod mae trosolwg o'r arddangosfeydd yr ydym wedi'u cynllunio yma yn Oriel Q dros y 12 mis nesaf, edrychwch am ragor o wybodaeth am bob arddangosfa trwy e-bost (e-bostiwch i danysgrifio), yma ar ein gwefan a

Exhibitions at Oriel Q 2.jpg

Rydym yn cynllunio noson swper yn fuan, dyddiadau i'w cadarnhau ynghyd â 'Nosweithiau Gwerthfawrogi Celf' yn rheolaidd gyda'r un cyntaf yn sioe sleidiau ac yn siarad gan Dr Robert Davies ar 'Artistiaid a ddylanwadir gan golau yn Sir Benfro, o Turner i Jon Hauser' ar ddydd Iau 8 Ionawr am 7pm. Bydd hyn yn £ 4 gyda gwydraid o win neu sudd / te / coffi a thrafodaeth anffurfiol.

Addewid mwy o weithdai ar gyfer 2018 - bydd Dydd Sadwrn 13 Ionawr yn gweld Papur Crefftau gyda Madeline Francis yn archwilio Dydd Santes Dwynwen (diwrnod Cymreig Dydd Sul) Cliciwch YMA i gael rhagor o wybodaeth.

Mae 'Spinners, Weavers and Dyers' ar y rhestr a mwy Bydd Cymdeithas Gwasgaru Arberth (NWA) yn dychwelyd. Cymaint yn mynd ymlaen!

Fodd bynnag, mae croeso i awgrymiadau neu geisiadau bob amser fodd bynnag, felly os oes gennych 'beth' penodol rydych chi'n dymuno ei wneud yn Oriel Q, rhowch wybod i ni a byddwn yn ceisio ei drefnu.

Yn olaf, Dymuniadau gorau ar gyfer 2018 gan Lynne, Lara a Chyfeillion Pwyllgor Q Oriel, a dyma i 2018!

Artist in Residence Vacancy


Artist in Residence Vacancy

2015-02-19 14.11.03.jpg

Are you looking for a space to be creative? Would you like to work in Oriel Q for a day? A week? A month?

We now have a light, airy and spacious area purpose-designed for Artists and Creatives to come work in for a while. We hope the opportunity will be a chance to reflect, develop, create, interact with the public and other artists.

Are you interested? Please contact Lynne on 01834 869454 or 


Ainsley Hillard; Sian Lewis; Alastair Duncan


Ainsley Hillard; Sian Lewis; Alastair Duncan

The 13th October 2017 saw a wonderful evening here at Oriel Q with the opening of not one but three exhibitions, with Ainsley Hillard showing in the Main Gallery, Sian Lewis showing in Oriel Fach 1, Alastair Duncan showing in Oriel Fach 2 plus David Street's exhibition continuing on The Stairs. 

Lynne, Ainsley and Sian.png
ghosts in the gallery.png
ainsley hillard and friend.png
diana and the picture.png

Exhibiting nationally and internationally Ainsley Hillard's research investigates the physical and metaphorical construction of cloth and its relation to body, memory and space. Exploring a range of media, Ainsley combines traditional weaving with audio-visual technologies, print and photography to create site-specific installations. This exhibition features a new body of Ainsley's work that includes a series of tapestries, jacquard weaves and hand embroidery. 

ainsley hillard textures of light 2.png


Sian Lewis’ work shows a merging dialogue between life drawing, sculpture and video in a matrix of colour, layer and light.

sian lewis projection piece.png


Alastair Duncan’s work with tapestry weaving and barbed wire combine themes of conflict, identity and memory, which includes internal discord as well as external or political disagreement.

alastair duncan past tense.png


The excellent photographs by David Street are on the stairs and depict some unusual angles of familiar subjects .

These exhibitions will show until November 18 2017 and repeat visits may be a must to appreciate the talent on display.

Photo Credit: David Street


CALL OUT: Winter Open & Raffle 2017

CALL OUT: Winter Open & Raffle 2017

Oriel Q: Open Call...

We are very excited to announce that the annual Winter Open Exhibition returns for 2017 and we would like to extend an invite to artists for submissions to the show.  All ages and abilities very welcome, the work can be any media and content, with a maximum of 3 entries per person at £5 per entry. This fee will be waived if you are a current member of the Friends of Oriel Q. Entry forms are available at Oriel Q or to download below. 

Please note that all 2D work must be mirror-plated and in a suitable frame. Clip-frames are not accepted and the work is shown at the discretion of the gallery manager/curator and please ensure work is submitted by 18th November 2017. 

Winter Exhibition RAFFLE...

As you may know, the Friends of Oriel Q have worked tirelessly each year to raise funds to help keep Oriel Q open. This year, the Friends would like to bring back the Christmas Art Raffle but we cannot do it without the extreme generosity of our supporters.

In the Gallery, we have a number of small blank canvases and we are asking artists and friends to take a canvas and create a piece of work that they are happy to donate as a raffle prize. Raffle tickets will be sold for £5 with all proceeds going towards Oriel Q. The Raffle will be drawn on the Saturday 23rd December 2017 - come join us for a mince pie!

If you would like to donate a piece of work to the Raffle, canvases are available from Oriel Q (if needed), once again any medium and content is welcome. We thank you in advance for your support.

For more information on the exhibition, raffle or on how to become a Friend of Oriel Q, please contact us at;

01834 869454

Thank you! We really look forward to seeing your work...

Sarah Rhys: Exploring salt rituals

Sarah Rhys: Exploring salt rituals

On 2nd September 2017, as part of the Salt Sea Coal Tree exhibition at Oriel Q,  Sarah Rhys delivered a fascinating performance exploring a local salt ritual conducted until very recently, whereby a 'sin-eater' would be invited in to the home of the newly deceased by their grieving relatives and paid to consume the sins of their departed loved one.

Below are some images taken during the performance showing how the deceased would be wrapped in a shroud and have the salt covered with bread laid upon their chest.The belief was that the salt would draw up all the sins into the bread which was then eaten by the sin eater

Sarah said;

"I found the sin eating performative situation really interesting in that once people were alone in the space with the corpse/ body they felt very connected to the corpse. Apparently one person sang, one wept, one was praying out loud and several actually ate the bread and another dipped her finger in the salt and tasted it.

It gave rise to involved conversations afterwards."

Ar 2 Medi 2017, fel rhan o arddangosfa Glo'r Goed Môr Halen yn Oriel Q, cyflwynodd Sarah Rhys berfformiad diddorol gan archwilio defod halen leol a gynhaliwyd tan yn ddiweddar, lle byddai 'bwytawr siwgr' yn cael ei wahodd i gartref y eu perthnasau sy'n galaru newydd a'u marw a'u talu i ddefnyddio pechodau eu hanwyliaid cariad un.

Isod mae rhai delweddau a gymerwyd yn ystod y perfformiad yn dangos sut y byddai'r ymadawedig yn cael ei lapio mewn gwregys ac y byddai'r halen wedi'i orchuddio â bara wedi'i osod ar eu brest. Y gred oedd y byddai'r halen yn llunio'r holl bechodau yn y bara a gafodd ei fwyta wedyn y bwytai pechod Dywedodd


"Dwi'n canfod bod y pechod yn bwyta sefyllfa berfformiadol yn ddiddorol iawn pan oedd pobl ar eu pennau eu hunain yn y gofod gyda'r corff / corff yn teimlo eu bod yn gysylltiedig iawn â'r corff. Mae'n debyg bod un person yn canu, roedd yn un yn wyllt, roedd un yn gweddïo'n uchel ac roedd sawl un yn bwyta'r tynnodd bara ac un arall ei bys yn yr halen a'i flasu.

Fe wnaeth hyn arwain at sgyrsiau cysylltiedig wedi hynny. "


For more information on this show, please see our website HERE

Am ragor o wybodaeth am y sioe hon, ewch i'n gwefan YMA


For more information about Sarah and to see more of her work, please visit her website/

Am ragor o wybodaeth am Sarah ac i weld mwy o'i gwaith, ewch i ei gwefan HERE/YMA

Artist in Residence: Patricia McParlin

Rich Seam

Patricia McParlin, is an award winning British artist who lives and works in Wales. She studied at The University of Wales and The West Wales School of the Arts. Primarily a painter, she has also worked as a musician, writer and theatre practitioner. Her work shows this cross-disciplinary influence, encompassing film, installation, sculpture and performance art.

"I am interested in the power art has to transgress boundaries. It can be in, (at least), two places at once; inner and outer, real and imagined, present and past. 

It offers an instant synthesis of thought and emotion, challenging divisions between what is seen and imagined, observed and remembered. An expression both literal and metaphorical in the same moment.

I partly see my art as a form of visual poetic, or static music….the impulse to transform…to harmonise discords…walking the line in-between beauty and brutality…the bitter sweet…

I am currently concerned with the physicality of painting; colour, form, space, texture and the alchemy that can arise from a response to materials."

Patricia is currently Artist in Residence here at Oriel Q until Saturday 30 September. Please do come along and chat with Patricia about her techniques, work and professional practice.

Mae Patricia McParlin, yn arlunydd Prydeinig sy'n ennill gwobrau sy'n byw ac yn gweithio yng Nghymru. Astudiodd ym Mhrifysgol Cymru ac Ysgol y Celfyddydau Gorllewin Cymru. Yn bennaf yn arlunydd, mae hi hefyd wedi gweithio fel ymarferydd cerddor, ysgrifennwr a theatr. Mae ei gwaith yn dangos y dylanwad traws-ddisgyblaethol hwn, yn cwmpasu ffilm, gosodiad, cerflunwaith a chelf berfformio.

"Mae gennyf ddiddordeb yn y pŵer celf i droseddu ffiniau. Gall fod yn (o leiaf), dau le ar yr un pryd; mewnol ac allanol, go iawn a dychmygol, yn bresennol ac yn y gorffennol.

Mae'n cynnig synthesis ar unwaith o feddwl ac emosiwn, herio rhaniadau rhwng yr hyn a welir a dychmygu, ei arsylwi a'i gofio. Mynegiant yn llythrennol ac yn gyffwrdd yn yr un funud.

Rwy'n gweld fy ngherf yn rhannol fel ffurf o gerddoriaeth farddonol weledol neu sefydlog ... yr ymgais i drawsnewid ... i gysoni gwrthdaro ... cerdded y harddwch rhwng y harddwch a'r brwdfrydedd ... y melys chwerw ...

Ar hyn o bryd yr wyf yn pryderu am ffisegolrwydd peintio; lliw, ffurf, gofod, gwead a'r alchemi a all godi o ymateb i ddeunyddiau. "

Ar hyn o bryd mae Patricia yn Artist Preswyl yma yn Oriel Q tan ddydd Sadwrn 30 Medi. Dewch draw i sgwrsio â Patricia am ei thechnegau, ei gwaith ac ymarfer proffesiynol.


John Selway: Peter Pan and Other Narrative Stories

The opening of John Selway's show by Clive Hicks Jenkins was a great success at Oriel Q on Saturday (09-09/2017). With thanks to David Street, who is also showing at Oriel Q, for these wonderful photos.

Clive Hicks Jenkins opened the exhibition with an interesting talk about the dark side of
J. M. Barrie's book Peter Pan. He also commented on how well respected John Selway is with so many other artists and well known people at the opening. 

In Oriel Fach, the limited edition prints from John's use of the Auto Pro Draw App on a Samsung tablet give us an insight into how well new technology can be used in artist's hands.

Roedd agor sioe John Selway gan Clive Hicks Jenkins yn llwyddiant ysgubol yn Oriel Q ddydd Sadwrn (09-09 / 2017). Gyda diolch i David Street, sydd hefyd yn dangos yn Oriel Q, am y lluniau gwych hyn.

Agorodd Clive Hicks Jenkins yr arddangosfa gyda sgwrs ddiddorol am ochr dywyll Aberystwyth Llyfr J. M. Barrie Peter Pan. Dywedodd hefyd am ba mor dda y mae John Selway wedi'i barch â chynifer o artistiaid eraill a phobl adnabyddus yn yr agoriad.

Yn Oriel Fach, mae'r printiadau cyfyngedig o ddefnydd John o'r App Auto Draw Draw ar dabled Samsung yn rhoi cipolwg inni ar ba mor dda y gellir defnyddio technoleg newydd yn nwylo'r artist.

Peter Wakelin, Clive Hicks Jenkins and Lee Phillips.png
Opening John Selway.png
John Selway.png
Opening J Selawy.png
opening JS.png
Jack- Clive Hicks Jenkins dog.png
clive behind a door.png
jack and clive.png
black and white prints.png



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