I'r Gymraeg, cliciwch yma


Oriel Q was 20 years old in 2017 and below is an account of our rich history.

As part of the group Taf and Cleddau Community Arts, we started holding exhibitions in the Bloomfield Community Centre in 1987 and, from 1989, in the annexe of the Queen's Hall.

When the Hall was developed in 1994, we began to use the top floor to show exhibitions, improving the lighting and the walls to make the gallery which has since hosted over 100 monthly exhibitions. This was all done on a voluntary basis.

In 2004, The Arts Council made the Queen's Hall Gallery a revenue funded client, and Lynne Crompton was employed to be the manager and curator.

Unfortunately, with cuts in The Arts Council of Wales budget, revenue funding was withdrawn in 2007.

A lottery grant was awarded for three years to carry on the basic activities. Since 2010 we have had to apply for Lottery Funding year on year. Each round has become increasingly difficult due to the continued pressure and cuts placed on the Arts Council of Wales and unfortunately, the gallery was unsuccessful in it’s 2019 bid for funding. 

If you are in a position to offer sponsorship or some financial support, please contact Lynne Crompton.


Our mission at Oriel Queen's Hall Gallery is to:

  • be a flagship for the Visual and Applied Arts in West Wales;

  • provide a stimulating programme of contemporary exhibitions and related talks;

  • serve the local and national artistic community;

  • provide a platform and source of income for artists;

  • develop an educational policy that will support teachers in meeting the curriculum objectives, in delivering the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and enhance pupils' knowledge and experience of art in and of Wales;

  • to make the gallery, its services and facilities accessible to all;

  • to pursue policies of non-discrimination in all its activities.

Current activity

Using our 4 exhibition spaces on-site, Oriel Q provides a stimulating series of exhibitions involving artists at different stages of their life and careers, who work in a range of processes and media. This is supported by an educational program that encourages pupils from primary school through to 6th Form and art students to engage with the gallery. 

There are 9 main exhibitions planned for 2017 which will show in the Main Gallery. These exhibitions are often carried through in to Oriel Fach, but for 2017 we also have 3 separate shows in this space. We also have The Stairs, which is an extensive level floor space dedicated to Photography and the brand new Oriel Fach 2 which is used for smaller exhibitions and workshops.

We have a small space in the main gallery which showcases ceramics, sculptures, jewellery and books; perfect for a last minute birthday present!


Artists' talks and lectures regularly take place around the exhibitions.

Schools and groups of all ages are welcome to request talks and demonstrations connected with the exhibitions.

Please contact us if you are interested in giving a talk or holding a workshop at Oriel Queen's Hall Gallery.
If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Lynne Crompton to discuss the mutual benefits.