The 13th October 2017 saw a wonderful evening here at Oriel Q with the opening of not one but three exhibitions, with Ainsley Hillard showing in the Main Gallery, Sian Lewis showing in Oriel Fach 1, Alastair Duncan showing in Oriel Fach 2 plus David Street's exhibition continuing on The Stairs. 

Lynne, Ainsley and Sian.png
ghosts in the gallery.png
ainsley hillard and friend.png
diana and the picture.png

Exhibiting nationally and internationally Ainsley Hillard's research investigates the physical and metaphorical construction of cloth and its relation to body, memory and space. Exploring a range of media, Ainsley combines traditional weaving with audio-visual technologies, print and photography to create site-specific installations. This exhibition features a new body of Ainsley's work that includes a series of tapestries, jacquard weaves and hand embroidery. 

ainsley hillard textures of light 2.png


Sian Lewis’ work shows a merging dialogue between life drawing, sculpture and video in a matrix of colour, layer and light.

sian lewis projection piece.png


Alastair Duncan’s work with tapestry weaving and barbed wire combine themes of conflict, identity and memory, which includes internal discord as well as external or political disagreement.

alastair duncan past tense.png


The excellent photographs by David Street are on the stairs and depict some unusual angles of familiar subjects .

These exhibitions will show until November 18 2017 and repeat visits may be a must to appreciate the talent on display.

Photo Credit: David Street