It is with deep sadness that we have to announce we have been unsuccessful in our funding bid to Art Council Wales for 2019 here at Oriel Q Gallery, Narberth.

What does this mean?

This beacon for the fine arts in the south of Wales is a vital part of our community. In order to see if we can sustain a future for the gallery it is essential we can find volunteers with an interest in the arts to help us continue. We need people who can help with the direction that the gallery takes over the next few months with a view to make the organisation ready for funding.

Can you help ? Either by inivigilation from wednesday to saturday each week or a larger role in curation or administration of our members, or social media work for our events.

If you can we would love to hear from you. There is no hierarchy here, we are a team that is soley trying to keep the gallery for artists and art lovers for Wales. You would be very welcome to attend our meetings and give new ideas .

Without the continued support of volunteers the gallery with be unsustainable at this point, so it is a valuable contribution to see if we can cement the future.

Thanks for listening, please e mail for more information