I am writing this blog update as a thank you for the incredible show of friendship that has been shown since being a resident Artist at the Queens Hall Gallery, not only as a resident but also through this wonderful show of friendship displayed at the current exhibition. In the main room you can see an eclectic collection of works ranging from paintings, oil on canvas, acrylic on board, ceramics and mixed media.
Work exhibited from Artists such as Lee John Phillips, Dianne Brooker, Anna Fletcher, David Slade, Elizabeth Hianes and Rouhi Amani. The small room consists of more traditional countryside, wildlife and landscape paintings, each piece being lovely and boasting incredible talent. Since being a resident at Oriel Q I have found a sense of community within my hometown that I have never had before. As a trans woman of lived experience, it can be incredibly important to find not only a community of like -minded people to relate to, but a place within your community, within society, that you so evidently and equally belong to. Before I started this residency I was in a very different place and looking at 3 months on in my transition and the time i have spent working here, there has been an exceptional sense of growth, support from other colleagues at the gallery space and development in my own work as an artist (being the most important thing). It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside all other volunteers and I wish to continue doing so in the future as a ‘friend of Oriel Q’. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and get yourselves down to Oriel Qand come see for yourselves,

More information on my work can be found in the section below.

Jessie Fletcher