Eamon Colman will be talking about his work here at Oriel Q on September 15th at 2pm - a fascinating opportunity to gain an insight in to his exhibition

Stemming from Eamon’s consideration of the rural uplands of northeast County Kilkenny, in the south-east of Ireland, a place 900 ft. above sea level - above the snowline where he lives, this new series of paintings meditates on the weather and its effects on how we conceive and perceive landscape.

THAW acts as a metaphor for what is both concealed and revealed, a conceptual tool creating an elusive interplay between figuration and abstraction. Colman explores this in-between-ness through both large and very small scale works on paper, using acrylic, gouache and watercolour he employs techniques of layering and gluing, tearing back and scratching into to articulate both myopic and hyperoptic fields of vision.

For more information and some images of his work, click HERE

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