Precious Boxes

The placing of an object, memento, keep-sake, lock of hair, small toy, photograph or letter within an old chocolate box or between the pages of a book is something common to us all. It is our attempt to preserve a moment, a memory. Something precious.

Using simple, everyday materials, paper, card, paint and glue, artist Keith Bayliss will work with you through a “Precious Boxes” workshop to create decorated containers that house, enshrine and display your own small precious object. A range of materials will be provided, but please bring your precious keep-sake with you, along with images or photographs from magazines, books, newspapers that reference your memento.

Keith will be delivering this creative workshop on Saturday 20th October 2018 between 10.30am and 4.30pm. Tea and coffee will be provided; please bring your lunch (or eat at one of Narberth’s fabulous local cafes)

keith b poster workshop.jpg

To book your place on the workshop, call 01834 869454 or email