This exhibition will open on Saturday May 5th 2018 at 2pm in Oriel Q, Narberth.

This exhibition is a series of painting, lithography, drawing and photography that Sarah made over seven years, three of which was when she was living off grid in an eighty acre Welsh oak woodland. Observations of her surroundings and interactions with nature informed her work which reflects the very essence of communicating with our surroundings. Sarah says;

"I’m not sure whether the trees were dancing, making music or practising calligraphy but these observations help to inform my work. I believe that nature and landscape can be a metaphor for human experience and that this can help to create a depth of perception.

This exhibition is a series of paintings, lithographs and drawings, made over five years, including three years living off-grid in an eighty-acre Welsh oak woodland. Initially, I thought that the series would be about the woodland itself, but eventually, it evolved into being more about a process of transformation, inspired initially by an experience of bathing. It is truly Romantic, immersed as one is, beholden to and a part of nature. 

In painting I want something of the immediacy of drawing: its explosiveness, brevity, rawness and also a type of mark-making that is not consciously directed and informs both the beginning and the final stages of making an image. Paintings can be weighty, at the same time possessed with a lightness of spirit – both of which are inescapably a part of nature. The work is very much about the materiality of paint and the act of painting - where the physical act of making is, in part, an ontological process. I seek to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of expressing liminal moments in paint."