Friday 9th March 2018 saw the Opening of both the Malcolm De Chazal exhibition and the Polly Dixon exhibition here at Oriel Q - What a turnout! With thanks to David Street for taking these wonderful photos of the evening.

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Malcolm De Chazal was born in Mauritius in 1902 and was mainly known as a writer and a poet, his most notable books being Sens Plastique and Sens Magique.  This superb exhibition of the original gouache paintings from the Armstrong Collection of Malcolm De Chazal is entitled 'A Lost Fauve'. It has been said Chazal has similarities between van Gogh, Matisse or Derain, but ultimately, he is unlike any other artist, following in the tradition of Derain and Matisse yet carving out his own perfect style.

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Carmarthenshire artist Polly Dixon is exhibiting a series of original handmade detailed etchings and large woodcuts inspired by Renaissance portraiture, in her exhibition titled 'Maidens, Myths & Martyrs: A History of Disbelief'

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Polly Dixon graduated from Carmarthen School of Art in 2017, reinterprets well known and lesser known works of art to represent modern, dysfunctional, family relationships.

She explains: “I am fascinated by historic paintings and the lives of the people which they portray. Family relationships haven’t changed over the centuries despite massive changes in other aspects of our lives. There has always been secrets, deceit and  betrayal and I try to explore this by imagining what may have been going on in the lives of these historic subjects and adding my own personal experiences and humour.”  

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Both exhibitions will be showing until April 21st 2018 at Oriel Q. The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday, 10am until 5pm each week until then.


Keep an eye out HERE for news on our upcoming works with Polly Dixon and Chazal-inspired childrens workshop too.